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Smoke 51 Electronic Cigarette Reviews

In a market that is booming with products and variations of the best alternative to a real cigarette, Smoke 51 electronic cigarette really stands out from the rest, because it actually looks like a real cigarette which is rather important for many of us smokers, because smoking is not only a question about getting your Nicotine fix but also is a question about habits.

A replacement of many of those habits, like the first cigarette in the morning, the smells, how you hold the cigarette etc. Is crucial if you want to become a successful electronic cigarette smoker.

Here in our Smoke 51 reviews we are going to take a closer look at Smoke fifty one and some of the benefits you will get choosing this electronic cigarette as your preferred brand.

Vapor Corp is an all American company based in Florida and are behind Smoke 51 that comes in a couple of different versions where the ones that stands out is the Smoke Fifty-One Duo. It s complete electronic cigarette starter kit, with everything you need to get started.

If you are living in the United States or Canada you can for a limited period of time get your own risk free trial of Smoke 51 electronic cigarette starter kit just click on the link below to get started.


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Smoke 51 a bad imitation?

Smoke 51 is not one of those bad imitations that comes in ridiculous colors or shapes, but are thought in a very special careful way to give the smoker the highest possible pleasure of smoking, but without all those 4,000 highly toxic additives that makes smoking dangerous and that comes in a regular cigarette.


Benefits Choosing Smoke 51

The greatest benefit about Smoke 51 is that is comes as a free trial in form of a complete electronic cigarette starter kit with everything you need to get started, so you can try it out without having to do any investments what so ever and if you do not like it just cancel the trial with no problems.

Another great benefit about Smoke 51 is that it actually looks like a real cigarette that comes in the same size, shape and color which very fast will make you think you are smoking a real cigarette.

This gives you an overall effect of this could might as well be like a real cigarette even for someone who has been smoking for a couple of years.

Smoke 51 Hot or Not?

Battery Life

When it comes to the battery life Smoke 51 is above average which means it last a couple of days on one charge even if you are using a lot of vapor.

3 out of 5


Personally I find both the tobacco and mint flavor pretty good and did not have any issues with it, but for some the tobacco flavor can feel a little bit to “dry” in the taste.

  4 out of 5


One of the thing that really makes Smoke 51 out is the package it arrives it, that looks like an “expensive” cigar classic package with all the parts rapped in nice and neat. It could be the perfect gift idea for someone who wants to quit smoking or just want to get the many health benefits related to switching from the regular ones to electronic cigarettes.

  4 out of 5

As a Quit Smoking Remedy

Because it looks like a real cigarette makes it lot easier to use Smoke 51 as a quit smoking cigarette compared to many other brands available on the market. I would even go that far to say that if you want to use electronic cigarettes as a quit smoking remedy you should choose Smoke51.

  4 out of 5


When you get your Smoke 51 starter trial you automatically get your free Smoke Fifty-One Membership card that entitles you to buy cartomizer refills at extra favorable prices. This helps a lot to make this electronic cigarette a cheaper alternative to real cigarettes.

3 out of 5

Overall Feeling and Sensation

The look and feel is very good and realistic. Some users reported a little bit to dry taste in the tobacco flavor. The first couple of puffs when you start a new cartomizer can be a little hard to puff, maybe because the Vapor Corp are trying to make them as realistic as possible, but it does not really work that well. But you will get use to it and will probably not think so much about after a couple of days.

If you are new to electronic cigarettes or a looking for one that is just like a real cigarette Smoke 51 is the perfect choice also because you can adjust the flavor and strength of Nicotine to be just the right amount for you.

4 out of 5



Whether if Smoke 51 is a good choice or not is not only a matter about how the actual cigarette looks, feel and taste like it is also a matter about individual opinions regarding the strength of the Nicotine, the Vapor and all the other factors that makes an electronic cigarette a hit or not.

The biggest plus about Smoke Fifty One is that the Vapor Corp have decided to release Smoke 51 Duo as a free trial and therefore completely let it be up to you whether you like it or not.

This makes Smoke 51 to an absolute top choice because you do not need to invest in an e cig you will end up not liking it at all.

if you want to try out Smoke 51 risk free then click on the link below and claim your very own free electronic cigarette starter kit. You can learn more about Smoke 51 as an E cigarette free trial on our site.

>>> Click here To Claim Your Free Trial of Smoke 51 <<<


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