Are you curious about getting started with electronic cigarettes but are unsure about the legal status using them? Then you have come to the right place, because in the following we are going to tell you more about the legal status and if you are committing a crime if you want to get started using electronic cigarettes.

Since 2006 electronic cigarettes have been available in the United States and the biggest benefit using them is that the smoker will get rid of 4000 harmful toxins making the switch, which overall will help to increase health and quality of life. Because electronic cigarettes are relatively new on the market, there are still a couple of unsorted issues, that hasn’t been solved yet and one of those issues is how to categorize electronic cigarettes so they will become easier to put laws and regulations on.

Electronic cigarettes are not a tobacco product and despite being able to help thousands of Americans to quit smoking, electronic cigarettes is actually not a quit smoking device either. This makes it very difficult to set up the right regulations but also difficult to promote for electronic cigarettes companies, that by all means want to avoid being under strict regulations from the FDA.

FDA are very critical about electronic cigarettes and do constantly tests on them to see if they are harmful to the public, so they either can put regulations on them or ban them completely from the market.

So far the fights that has been going on in federal courts across the United States, not only because of regulations and bans but also for other reasons, has been won by the electronic cigarette companies.

As it is right now, electronic cigarettes are legal to buy in the United States for people that are over 18 years of age.

When it comes to other countries including the European countries, they are also legal in the United Kingdom and Holland.

Most countries in the EU do not allow electronic cigarettes but they are still available for sale, either online or in stores, so if you are resident in a European country it is a good idea to check with the authorities.

So if you want to get started with electronic cigarettes you are not committing a crime, especially not if you are living in the United States or the UK.

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