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ClearSmoke E Cigarette Trial UK Offer

Clear Smoke is an electronic cigarette that is only available in the United Kingdom. For a limited time only the company behind has releases a limited amount of the ClearSmoke E Cigarette Trial and only available for customers in the UK.

Clear Smoke is the leading electronic cigarette brand in the United Kingdom with a high costumer satisfaction. Getting the trial from ClearSmoke entitles you to receive a sublime costumer support 7 days a week.

  • Look, feel and taste exactly like a real cigarette
  • Save up to 85% on your cigarette consumption
  • No damaging tobacco, tar or ash
  • Get rid of 4000 chemicals
  • Can be used in public places
  • Dramatically improved health
  • No more yellow teeth
  • No more bad odor

For a limited period of time you can get a trial from ClearSmoke so you can try out and feel all the benefits for yourself. Just click on the link below.

>>> Click here for a Trial of Clear Smoke E Cig UK <<<

As Real as it Gets

ClearSmoke is one of the most authentic electronic cigarettes on the market that is build on the newest technology the ensures the user a complete smoking experience just as if it was a real cigarette.

Clear Smoke are much more than just a trial, because this premium exclusive starter kit comes with everything you will need to get started with electronic cigarettes and which includes:

  • 2* Long life lithium batteries
  • 4 tobacco flavored e cig refills equal to around 145 to 180 cigarettes
  • 1 Main wall charger
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 Exclusive holster
  • Manuals
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Save £1000s Each Year

With the ClearSmoke electronic cigarettes you will be able to save an average of £200 per month if you are a regular smoker.

This runs up to be more than £2000 per year and this is just if you are an average 1 package a day smoker.

When you start with ClearSmoke the equivalent of one normal cigarettes is as low as 5p


Get Rid of 4,000 Chemicals

When you start using ClearSmoke you will immediately start to improve your overall health because you will only get your daily dose of nicotine and not the 4,000 additives where 40 of those are directly related to cancer diseases like lung cancer. Another benefit here is that you will also get rid of the disgusting smell and dirt from tar, smoke and ashes.


Smoking in Public Places

When you start using this electronic cigarettes you once again will be able to smoke in public places like bars, airports and sports event. This is because electronic cigarettes does not develop any second hand smoke or other irritations that will harm your surroundings.


What are the Users Saying About ClearSmoke?

jan W ClearSmoke Testimonial
“Day 4 as a NON Smoker just about over and I am feeling great, no problems at all :)) Clearsmoke is the greatest product ever :)))))

Jan W., Hertfordshire”

Lisa Q Testimonial“I started using these as well as smoking my usual hand rolled a couple of weeks ago, slowly having more of the E-cig and less of the real ones. Had my last real cigarette 5 days ago and I can honestly say I am not missing them. These are so close to real cigs they really do the job of replacing them. For the first time… in 10 years of trying to give up I actually think I have done it. Thanks ClearSmoke. :-)”

Lisa Q., Facebook fan

Tony C Testimonilal

“Got me kit today, its good & early days i know but i think this product may just be the thing i need to give up after 37 years ! fingers crossed !!”


Tony C., Runcorn


ClearSmoke Trial Available in The United Kingdom

Unfortunately ClearSmoke is only available in the United Kingdom and only for a limited time while supply last.

This electronic cigarette is much more than a trial because you will receive the premium ClearSmoke starter kit containing everything you need to get started with electronic cigarettes.

All you have to do now is to click on the link below to get started with your ClearSmoke trial.

>>> Click here for a Trial of Clear Smoke E Cig UK <<<

For visitors in the United States we suggest that you take a closer look at our Regal E Cig trial or our Smoke 51 trial

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