Quiting smokingIf you have been trying to quit smoking a couple of times with no luck despite using either electronic cigarettes, nicotine chewing gum or other remedies then we here will provide you with a couple of tips that will make it much easier to quit smoking cigarettes.

First of all before we get started it is important to say that when it comes to stop smoking there is no such thing as failure, even if you do not manage to stop the first, second or third time there is no such thing as failure.

To Quit Smoking is a Learning Phase You Need to Go Through

When you want to quit you should see it more as a learning experience, a thing you need to go through and learn from in order to become a successful non smoker, if you do not learn from the experience then you very likely will fall back sooner or later.

When you stop smoking you go through different phases and experiences and the more you try to quit the easier it will get to quit because you all ready know what to expect.

The following are indeed based on my own personal experience when I quit smoking, I tried to quit 5 times without without any luck, today I never think about cigarettes any more and they are even more faraway from my conscious than ever before.

Do Not Plan an Exact Day, But a Time Frame to Quit

First do not plan an exact day to quit, because doing that will give you a lot of excuses not to quit that day, and then you will end up postponing the you want to quit, and that can years before you get started.

What worked for me was to say OK within the next couple of months I am going to quit smoking, then within that time frame one day you just feel for it, you give it a go and stop smoking from one day to the other.

A little Competition Against Yourself Will Keep You on Track

In the beginning it is a good idea to compete a little against yourself because you are going to think about cigarettes all the time, so compete by saying ok I will stay away for 1 minute, 2 minutes and so on, it is important that you keep pushing yourself.

Next what you need to keep in mind is as mentioned in the beginning you are going to think about cigarettes all the time, every second they will come up. Here you just need to push it away a little and start to think about positive thinks like, your next vacation or other good stuff you now are going to be able to do since you will have more money available.

First All the Time, Then 1 Sec, 2 Sec, 5 Sec, 10 Sec, 1 Minute, 1 Hour, 1 Day and So On

It is important to remember that the time frame where you are thinking about cigarettes will first be all the time, then every second, then ever 5 second, then 1 minute, 10 minutes, one day and so on. Remember because if you know psychological what is going on it will become much easier to quit because you will know what to expect. Later on in the process you will only think about once a day and that will expand to once a month to finally be completely out of your system.

The Addiction Issues

A lot of the addiction issues in regards to cigarettes is based on the addiction to Nicotine, but when it comes to cigarettes there is also another type of addiction present that actually make it much harder to quit than the nicotine, and that you need to be aware of, and that is the addiction to habits, like your first cigarette in the morning, after dinner, when you are stressed out, the smell of the package when you open it, the smell of tobacco when you lit the cigarette and so on. All these addiction habits will give you the feeling of loosing a very good friend, when you try to quit, something that no one really do not like. For sure you can get an electronic cigarette starter kit to cure that part of the process, or you can just deal with it and peacefully say good buy to that good friend of yours.

it is a fact that the addiction to nicotine only for 72 hours after that there is no nicotine left in your body, so that makes it quite a task to quit after the first 3 days is really not the nicotine and the addiction to habits.

When you take that into consideration and is aware of it, it is much easier to stand out and become a successful ex smoker.


So remember quit smoking is a learning experience where you need to take the above factors into consideration, doing that you will be better prepared.

If you do not succeed the first time, it will become much easier to quit the second time.


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